Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Herons and Ospreys

An early morning boat ride on the Fish River this past weekend before the holiday crowds hit the water was very peaceful.   It was just the hubby and I and the herons and ospreys.   The sea gulls and pelicans were nowhere to be found.   They must have been partying at some beach somewhere.

You can always find a heron on the river and this one  struck a pose amongst the cypress tree “knees”.

heron1 E

I am certainly not an expert on herons but it appears to me that this might be a momma and daddy heron.    Sure looks like the little momma on the left is standing in a nest at the top of the pine tree.

herons1 E

Speaking of pine trees, we spotted this osprey on a branch of another tree close by.

osprey1 E

He cocked his head to the side and looked at us probably wondering what we were up to besides scaring off all the fish.  He waited us out and was still there after we motored off.  Must have been a good fishing hole.

osprey2 E

Thanks for coming along on the ride!



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