Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin on a Porch

I wasn’t too inspired to decorate for fall until I took a trip to the local produce stand and found myself in pumpkin paradise!


No matter which way you looked, there were pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, and colors.



The cute scarecrow in the green shirt is my hubby.  Send a kiss


After leaving all this fabulousness we went to a yard sale where I purchased a plant stand for $5.00.   I knew the perfect spot for it would be my front porch.    The stand was white when I bought it, but the white didn’t show up against the yellow siding on my house so I spray painted it turquoise, made a bow, added a huge pumpkin, a sassy little scarecrow, and a few other things lying around the house.




Both birdhouses were left by the previous owner.     The lantern was a clearance purchase from Lowes last year.


The rustic birdhouse has an old nail in it which is being used as a perch.   My hubby says that type of nail has not been manufactured since the early 1900’s.


Since I am trying to keep it simple and thrifty this year in my decorating, I think I achieved it.   Thanks for visiting!!

Happy Fall Y’all!


Partying with the pumpkin at Coastal Charm's

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

and the Fall Nesting Party at

The Inspired Room

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mid-Century Turkeys

Each year about this time I drag these turkey trays out of the storeroom and display them in my home.   The enamel platters are very large and colorful.   I love the fruit and veggie borders.   They were purchased at separate times over the years at garage sales and flea markets and I don’t think I spent over a couple of bucks on each one.

This brown gobbler is on a small wall in the kitchen.


The blue turkey sits above the  kitchen cabinets, but I couldn’t get a good shot up there so I moved him to the wall to have his picture taken.  Up against the wall you redneck turkey.  { Just couldn’t resist.}


This yellow beauty is placed on the sideboard in my dining room.  Sorry about the glare.


I actually have several more turkey platters but in my effort to simplify I left them in the storeroom.    Maybe next year they will make an appearance.

Interesting fact:  Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national symbol rather than the eagle.

That’s it for me today.   Thank you for stopping by.


My turkeys and I will be partying @ the Vintage Inspiration Party hosted by Debra @ Common Ground and @ Potpourri Friday hosted by Honey @ 2805.