Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mid-Century Turkeys

Each year about this time I drag these turkey trays out of the storeroom and display them in my home.   The enamel platters are very large and colorful.   I love the fruit and veggie borders.   They were purchased at separate times over the years at garage sales and flea markets and I don’t think I spent over a couple of bucks on each one.

This brown gobbler is on a small wall in the kitchen.


The blue turkey sits above the  kitchen cabinets, but I couldn’t get a good shot up there so I moved him to the wall to have his picture taken.  Up against the wall you redneck turkey.  { Just couldn’t resist.}


This yellow beauty is placed on the sideboard in my dining room.  Sorry about the glare.


I actually have several more turkey platters but in my effort to simplify I left them in the storeroom.    Maybe next year they will make an appearance.

Interesting fact:  Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national symbol rather than the eagle.

That’s it for me today.   Thank you for stopping by.


My turkeys and I will be partying @ the Vintage Inspiration Party hosted by Debra @ Common Ground and @ Potpourri Friday hosted by Honey @ 2805.

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Hibiscus House said...

Saw you at 2805. I love your trays and my Mama had one of those, they bring back memories of being young at home and Thanksgiving...thank you!