Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Footprints in the Sand

Our Gulf Shores, Alabama vacation is over, but pleasant memories and sand in our shoes remain.     

This lovely view, taken early in the morning before the crowds hit the beach, is from our balcony. 


Each morning these little white flowers peeked out from the sand.    I think they may be some variety of morning glories.

Palm trees silhouetted against the sunrise.

Another view of sunrise.

Footprints in the sand.

An Osprey soaring through the sky.

Sunset behind the Pink Pony Pub.

Long tall shadows of my honey and I at sunset.

I will be joining the Outdoor Wednesday party @ A Southern Daydreamer and encourage you to pay a visit to Susan and the other participants.

Thanks for visiting and taking a stroll on the beach with me.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life’s a Beach

Greetings from Paradise!   We are on vacation but I am not letting that  prevent me from participating in Shadow Shot Sunday.

My honey and I took a stroll along the beach just as the sun was setting.  While gazing at the waves crashing against the shoreline, I caught a glimpse of our long shadows and snapped the pic.  

Having a fun time.    Wish you were here.    But since you aren’t, I hope you will take some time to go look at all the awesome shadows to be found @ Shadow Shot Sunday.

Life’s a Beach!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yes We Have No Bananas

It has been hot as hades around here so I have been inside as much as possible which doesn’t bode well when one wants to take outdoor photos.

However, just for you I braved the heat to take pictures of the only outdoor objects “appealing” to me right now….our fruit trees.

Let’s start our tour de fruit  in the  apple orchard.     We have two apple trees….that’s an orchard, isn’t it?

Moving on to the pear grove.

A quick swing by the persimmons which won’t be ripe until at least October.

There won’t be enough figs this year for preserves, but there will be enough for my hubby to snack on.

I heard it through the grapevine.

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite - -blueberries.

Thanks for visiting and participating in the tour de fruit.     I will end tonight with my favorite quote/book title from Erma Bombeck:  If life is a bowl of cherries, what am I doing in the pits?

May you have a fruitful week,


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sun Porch Shadows

I visited the Mississippi Artist blog  Paint or Dig this morning and saw where she was participating in Shadow Shot Sunday at Hey Harriet's Photography.     The idea of shadow shots was intriguing to me so I thought I would give it a shot.  All of these pictures were taken on my sun porch this morning.


This odd picture shows the shadows on the floor that reflect the menagerie of sun catchers hanging in my sun porch window.

As the sun passes through this orange bottle, it reminds me of a fiery seaside sunset.

Two more perspectives of the bottle and lantern.

I need to get my head out of the shadows and into the kitchen before the boys start asking “What’s for lunch?”.    I have enjoyed participating in Shadow Shot Sunday.

Til next time,


Saturday, June 11, 2011

View from a Patio

I am excited to see that Funky Junk Interiors is hosting a patio/porch décor party because my patio/deck/yard actually looks pretty decent right now.       Here are a few highlights I would like to share with you.    I will let most of the pictures do the talking.

The big picture.

Fairytale Cinderella purslane.     I wonder if they make a Prince Charming purslane.

Cats always add to the décor.     This cat shows up randomly in my trees.    I have no idea who she/he belongs to.

Love the ruffles on this coral colored hibiscus.  

Please know that I am still experiencing problems with blogger and cannot comment on other blogs.     So frustrating!     If any of you talented techies out there have any tips for me to help correct this, please let me know.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting and I hope you will come back soon.

From my patio to yours,



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Colors of Morning

My plan to take a few pictures when I got home from work today was thwarted by drops of water falling from the sky but I am not complaining.     We haven’t seen any rain around here in at least two months.

I did manage to take a few shots this morning before I left for work.    Here is a pair of morning glories attempting to overtake a pair of pink mandevillas.     I like this pink and purple combo.

The grapes are beginning to change from green to purple.   My vineyard rivals that of Napa Valley.    LOL.

Grow baby grow!    Get your red on!  I am so ready for a BLT made with a juicy homegrown tomato.    This is the Better Boy variety.

The cherry tomatoes are ripe for the picking.

On the menu for tomorrow is salad made with these luscious looking little beauties (if my hubby doesn’t eat them directly off the vine before then).

Wishing you a beautiful day full of color!


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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sizzling Hot Deals

The heat is on here in the deep south but that didn’t deter me from hitting the garage sales this weekend.     After leaving several empty handed, I was greeted at the last one I went to by a sweet young woman who enthusiastically stated “Everything’s negotiable!”    She had me at negotiable.

I spotted this lovely pair of lamps and they came home with me for the grand total of $8.00.     The off white color with muted gold highlights works for me so they are safe from the spray paint can for now.    The linen look shades are in good condition also.

The lamps have “claws”.   My hubby said they look like props out of a Vincent Price movie .    I warned him my claws may come out if he speaks disparagingly about my thrifty purchase.

I found a temporary home for them on the sideboard in the dining room but they will eventually make their way to the master bedroom which is not quite ready for the limelight.

The Acacia hard wood oval tray was scored for a dollar.

It is currently serving as the centerpiece of my sun porch dining table.

I was thrilled to find this vintage hobnob milkglass vase for a dollar.     The zinnias are from my garden.

My final purchase was this scrolled half moon wire shelf and yes, you guessed it, I paid a dollar for it also.    It may get “shabbified” (I don’t know if that word really exists, but I like it) with a coat of white paint in the future.

It fits perfectly on this small wall between the kitchen and sun porch.     I adorned it with items I already had.

So, what started out as a slow shopping day turned into a successful outing.   Two lamps, a tray, a vase and a shelf all for just over ten dollars!

Thank you for visiting with me today.     I hope you will come back soon.

Stay cool,


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