Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cupcakes and Dominos

My sister and I are in a domino group that meets once a month to eat, gossip and play dominos. We call ourselves the Domino Divas. We take turns hosting and the host provides the entree and the rest of us bring side items or desserts.

My friend Ann hosted the group last night and served grilled shish kabobs. They were so yummy. I brought the salad and made a home-made Comeback dressing. I also took cupcakes that my husband had made. Whenever I am going to a gathering where I take food, he insists on baking something. Did I mention that he used to own a bakery? Yesterday he baked lime flavored cupcakes in ice cream cones. We topped them off with a cream cheese frosting, sprinkles and a cherry. Even though I hadn't volunteered to bring the dessert, they complimented the delicious peach sherbet that Bev made and were a big hit with the group!

This is what we started with....empty ice cream cones.

The filling of the cones....

The finished product....

Take care. I hope to post my thrifty (actually they were free) finds tomorrow.

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Donna said...

Well those cupcake ice cream cones look FANTASTIC!! I remember making those for my girls to bring into school for their birthdays - oh, gosh, I think I want to make a batch! (Sure wish my hubby would bake or cook something once in a while!! haha I might have to show him this post!)