Monday, September 13, 2010

Harvest Blessings

Hi y’all.

Hope you had a great weekend.    My son came home for a visit from college so you know it was a good one for me.

I managed to go to three garage sales Saturday morning before the boys woke up.     The lady at the first garage sale was an absolute witch (keeping it clean here).     She was not “dealing” with anyone.    She kept saying in an icy tone “It’s early, I am not lowering any prices til later”.     This lady clearly did not take Garage Sale 101.  I kept my mouth shut but in my head I was informing her  that 9 a.m. was not early in garage sale time.    Wanting to avoid any drama, I left and went to another sale that an older couple was having.    They were real nice and funny, the exact opposite of where I had just been.     I asked the cost of a small crystal vase and the man told me it was $3,000.00.    His wife laughed and said I could have it for 25 cents.    I said sold!    I also got a cute little chippy green easel there and a couple of books that I plan to read.     All for 25 cents each!     The final sale I went to just had baby items so of course nothing was purchased there.

Here is the cute little crystal vase that was originally $3,000.00 but I paid  25 cents for it after a fierce negotiation.    

Love this chippy green easel with gold highlights.    I always need easels.    I have a cute little hand painted canvas that has trees with autumn leaves painted on it that would be perfect for this  but of course I can’t find it.    Must be packed away.

My son headed out later in the day to visit his friends so my sister and I headed out for some retail therapy.     First stop Michaels.    I was looking for a gift for my great-niece who just turned five.     She is a crafter in the making so I wanted to get her a project she could work on.    I found this precious decorate your own princess mirror.     She is going through a princess phase, so I knew this was the perfect gift for her.

I also found a couple of cute Princess items in the kid’s one dollar bins.    One was a pink princess sign and the other was shimmering lip gloss in the cutest little bottle with a pink crown top.     It is so much fun buying for little girls especially since I never had one….just boys.

After taking care of gifts for the little princess, I then went to the $1.00 bins on the other side of the store and found these cute glass magnets for the big princess a/k/a Marlee. 


Loved the words on this one….write your own story…and loved that precious old timey typewriter.     Wish the picture would have turned out better so you could have seen the detail.   I will place these magnets on my refrigerator which I have an excellent view of when blogging.    Maybe they will inspire me to keep on telling my story.

This one was cute also.     As you can see, the largest one says fly and one of them has a bird cage on it and the other has a bird house with a smaller fly.

Next stop  Belk Department Store.    I found this cute animal print shirt on the clearance rack for $3.00.

Here is a close up of the fabric….it is animal print flowers.

My final stop was Walgreens.    I ran in there to pick up some pictures I had printed and saw these cute harvest blessings signs.    They were $1.99 each so I splurged and bought them.


That’s it for me today friends!     I hope you have a great week full  of Harvest Blessings!


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monica. said...

Some people should be sent to yard sale 101 before they can have a yard sale. Yard sales are to get rid of your stuff for cheap not to make a million bucks. (That's why I wont have my own for a very long time I don't have enough stuff to sell to make it worth my time, everything would be a quarter.

Thrifty Chic said...

Love your finds, the pricess stuff is adorable :)

Cortney Lyon said...

I love the words on those stones too! I just went exploring around on your blog and I love all the fall things you are getting into. The 5 Fal Favorites Link Party will be held later this week, I look forward to seeing what your top 5 are!