Thursday, July 8, 2010

Butterflies and Zinnias

My hubby spotted this butterfly today on our zinnias. He was able to capture these two pictures before two mockingbirds engaged in war right over his head and scared the butterfly off. He said feathers were flying! They were probably arguing over who was going to eat the blueberries on my blueberry bushes. I think they have eaten more of them than I have. They dive bomb me when I try to pick them. At least the pretty butterfly managed to escape the wrath of the menacing mockingbirds.

I am linking to Show and Tell Friday at the fabulous My Romantic Home blog.

I am heading for the Lone Star State tomorrow to visit family so I will most likely be away from my computer for a few days. I hope I don't suffer from blog withdrawal because even when I am not posting, I am reading and enjoying all the wonderful blogs out there. Have a lovely weekend!



HOOTIN' ANNI said...

That is just so awesome!! To be able to capture the beauties [flowers AND the butterfly] is so inviting to view!!


LEGEND OF MARY'S BEAN is my Friday blog.

Have a great weekend.

Gayla said...

I really think those birds have decided they planted and cultivated those blueberries, don't you? Great picture. Enjoy Texas.

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

OH, your blog is just "to cute"
Thank you for sharing!

Tea Time Consultants said...

Beautiful blog. I just love butterflies and have used them many times in decorating over the years. Come by for a visit sometime:

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Marlee, thanks for dropping by & leaving a note! So nice to meet you too, a fellow Southern girl. You look so cute in your profile pic!

Love the flowers & butterflies too.