Monday, October 11, 2010

Don’t let your fog machine come back to haunt you.

Hi y’all….hope you are having a good week.     Some of you may have had today off from work.     Not me though.     I had to work all day long.    So tomorrow when you are having your “Monday”, I will be so over it.   HA!

Not only did I have to work today, but I also had to work on Saturday so that really cut into my thrift shopping over the weekend.     Luck was with me though because a neighbor was having a moving sale so I had time to swing by on my way to work.

The sale was at a house that  has been on the market and vacant for a few months.    The mother of the owner was having the sale.     Being the friendly person that I am, I introduced myself and pointed out to her where I lived.    Big mistake.    In a disapproving voice she said “I know you.”   She then said “you were the one with the fog machine last Halloween” and proceeded to tell me I scared her little granddaughter with that thing.     Oops.

I was traumatized after that but managed to keep my composure and found this cute vase for 75 cents.    It is different shades of green with traces of a terra cotta color in it.    Goes perfectly with the colors in my house.

For now I have it on top of a china cabinet in my dining room but it probably won’t stay there.    Love the way it compliments my green olive jar.   Sorry for the crappy picture.    I don’t have enough light in the room and I think I was shaking when I took the pic.

Here is a full view of the cabinet.     My husband made this for me about 15 years ago.

I also bought a bag with several pieces of fall garland in it for $2.00.    This was one of the pieces in the bag.      There was another shopper at the sale who got her bag of garland for $1.00.     I guess she got a better deal because she hadn’t scared that lady’s granddaughter with a fog machine.

I set it on top of this metal cabinet to hide some of the junk.     The cabinet was a flea market find about 20 years ago and has been many different colors over the years.    It needs decluttering.   (Is that a word?)

This funky shaped garland was in the bag also.

I have it wrapped around the base of a couple of plants on my sun porch.

The final item in the bag was this vine with two glitter pumpkins on it.

I placed it on top of this bookshelf in my kitchen.    My husband made this bookshelf for me using recycled wood from an old desk that his father had built many years ago.    It is a great spot for my cookbooks.     The bookshelf does not have a back….that is white poster board back there.     One of these days I plan to cover the back with scrapbook paper or burlap or fabric like all you talented people out there do.

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


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Vintagesouthernlife said...

Great finds! The garland looks great around the plants.

cyndee said...

wow that lady sounds crazy-;

Sherrie said...

Actually I would love to see burlap on the back of your shelf in the kitchen. That would look so cool. Have a great Tuesday. I had to work today as well.