Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garage Sales Out the Wazoo

What a gorgeous weekend this has been!     Love these cool fall temps.

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When I woke up Saturday morning, I had not planned on going to any garage sales but fate intervened and I visited at least eight sales in my neighborhood.    They were everywhere.    I honestly can’t remember ever seeing that many sales on the same weekend and I have lived here 2o years. 

I got some good stuff at some good prices.      The highest I paid for anything was $2.00 and that was for this white mirror.

I liked the white but it was a little too stark so I put a faux translucent color (Mocha) glaze on it.     I bought the glaze a couple of years ago at Lowes and have used it on many projects including this table that I featured in a previous post.


That looks much better doesn’t it?    Not bad for $2.00.

This is a close up of the details.

It looks right at home in my foyer.

Moving along to some other thrifty purchases.     I have enjoyed looking at all the white milk glass collections out there and wanted some for my own.    Luck was with me.     I found several pieces this weekend.     I have no idea if they are vintage or not, but I love them and that is what really matters.

I think these are all candy dishes.     I paid a dime each for the two small ones and a dollar for the one with the lid.     They are in mint condition.

At another sale I found these four scalloped dishes for 50 cents each.     They were in perfect condition also.    I can just see them filled with Christmas candies or maybe small Christmas ornaments.

Love the diamond pattern.

Do you think I found enough candy dishes?     Moving on to something healthier and less fattening.     I bought this cute pear print for 50 cents.

Under the picture of the pear, it says la poire.     I googled that and found it is French for the pear.     I assumed it meant that, but just wanted to fact check it.    I am thinking about painting the wood frame black.

I found a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil for one dollar.     I have read it before and found it very intriguing.    It’s a true story that took place in Savannah, Georgia.     Would love to have a replica of that statue on the cover.

I also purchased two cute Ann Taylor Loft shirts for $1.00 each.     They look like they have never been worn.    I tried taking a picture of them but couldn’t capture the cuteness of them.      At this same sale, I bought a couple of bracelets for 50 cents each.

One is goldtone and the other is hammered silver which I should have polished before taking this pic.

One last purchase for the day wasn’t at a garage sale but at the local farmers market.     I got four small white pumpkins for 50 cents each.

I put two of them in with this centerpiece on the table in my sun porch. 

The other two I placed on a shelf in my kitchen next to my garlic keeper.

So, for a grand total of $11.70 (if my math is correct) I got one mirror, seven candy dishes, one pear print, one book, two shirts, two bracelets, and four mini pumpkins.     Not bad for someone who wasn’t going to any garage sales.

Have a fabulous week!



xinex said...

You did really good, Marlee. What bargains and really nice items too. I would love to shop where you shop....Christine

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Fab finds!!!
Love the milk glass!! I found some too over the weekend ;)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' your milk glass, yep, great prices-enjoy!

Kim said...

What great finds. There seemed to be a lot of garage sales in my area this past weekend, too. I wasn't smart enough to swing into any of them :P.

Cortney Lyon said...

Wow, you really do find great deals and items! I love that mirror and the price was to die for. I like the white candy dishes and again, the price is amazing. Maybe I just havn't looked hard enough.