Monday, November 8, 2010

Pine Cone Pickin’

I have been loving all the pine cone decorations I have been seeing all over Blogland and in catalogs and magazines.     I almost bought a bag of pine cones last week until my husband spotted me with them in my hand and gave me that “surely you aren’t going to buy a bag of pine cones” look so I reluctantly put them back.

I am glad I did because yesterday I saw a bunch of big pine cones on the ground at the park close to my home.    I pulled over and picked up two grocery bags full.    Yep, I went pine cone pickin’!

Look at the size of this pine cone!     That sucker is almost 7 inches tall.

I plan on using these pine cones in my Thanksgiving tablescape but for now I have placed them on the hearth in a large hurricane along with a small orange berry garland to add a little pop of color.

This was a very thrifty project….the pine cones were free and I already had everything else I needed to complete the look.   That’s it for my pine cone pickin’ post.

Have a fabulous week!


I am linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch and Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm.


Leah said...

Whoa--those are BIG pinecones! gotta love a free and fun project :)

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Cute, thrifty idea! Love it.

Rettabug said...

Hi Marlee!
I found you through Linda's Nifty Thrifty meme. Your pine cone arrangement looks great beside the fireplace but I have a word of warning. Bugs live inside pine cones! The warmth of the fire will have them crawling out into your living room in no time. Yikes!

Here is a link to methods of debugging & preserving them.


Be sure to have GOOD ventilation with open windows in the kitchen if you bake them. I just about killed myself with the turpentine smelling fumes the last time I did some. I'm not was really strong Whew!!!

Kelly said...

Wow, I had EXACTLY that same conversation with my husband last weekend....

Melody said...

I'm laughing at the husband giving you a look about buying pine cones. Mine would have done the same. He does it when I buy sea shells plus says "don't you have enough of those?"

Pretty display. I love them in the hurricane vase.