Sunday, November 21, 2010

Signs of Joy

Do you ever feel like you just have to spray paint something or you will go crazy?     Well that is exactly how I felt today.     Of course, this is not exactly what I had in mind to paint.

Thankfully I did a better job of spraying after the painting of the finger.      I managed to actually get paint on the pine cones and on three wood letters that spelled out Joy.

I painted a few cones gold.

A few were painted a lime green color.

And the remainder were painted burgundy.  When the paint dried,  all the cones then got a light spraying of snow.

For now I have the cones in a produce basket on my table on the sun porch but once I switch out my autumn décor for my Christmas décor I will move them to a nicer basket or perhaps an apothecary jar.    I added a few popcorn tree “balls” to the mix.     I don’t know the botanical name of the tree they came off of….I just always refer to it as the popcorn tree.     It produces these popcorn “balls” in the fall.

As you can see, the popcorn tree is very colorful this time of year.      And as you also can see, it looks like there is bird poop on one of the leaves.    Sorry about that.     I didn’t notice it until just now.    When the leaves fall off this tree, only the popcorn balls are left on the branches and it is a pretty sight to see the leafless tree with just popcorn on it.

In addition to the pine cones, I painted three wooden letters that spelled out joy.    When they dried, I coated them with mod podge and then sprinkled some glitter on them.

I thought about hanging them vertically using  jute, but  I decided that would be beyond my elementary crafting skills so I looked in my honey’s workshop and found a piece of leftover wood that was just the right size to put the Joy letters on.      I almost covered the wood with scrapbook paper that had vintage looking writing on it  but chose to use some leftover burlap instead.    I think vintage sheet music would have been cute as a background also, but I didn’t  have any.


I like the way it turned out, but I think it needs a border…perhaps some ribbon around the edges or ????     Do any of you reading this have any suggestions on how to finish this off or should I just let it be?    I think my creative juices have dried up and I would welcome your ideas.

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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Jane said...

Hi Marlee,
Stopping by from Met. Monday. I did some spray painting today too and am still wearing the white paint on my hands!
I really like the painted pinecones, a great touch for the holidays. Your JOY sign looks wonderful too....can't go wrong with burlap :)
Have a great week.

Bloggymom said...

Great project. A frame maybe?? Love the colored pinecones.

Jenny Harris said...

Cute project! I've done gold pinecones, but never thought of other colors - I like yours!

For your Joy sign, how about laying it on top of a slightly larger plain wooden board, which would act as a simple "frame", and keep the rustic look? or just glue some burgundy gingham ribbon onto the back top corners, and use it as a simple hangar? You could also wrap the edges in the same ribbon.

Or leave it as it - it's cute on its own! Good luck with whatever you decide.

Neşetuana said...

so cute :)