Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Plant Sale

This past weekend I went to a fall plant sale.     I have to admit that I prefer spring plant sales because of all the colorful options and I am more motivated to plant in the spring than I am in the fall.  I did manage to find a few plants with color at the sale.

purple plant (1024x765)

This is a beauty bush and the sign by it indicated it was a bush that birds are attracted to.  I have one of these in my front yard and honestly thought it was a weed.    Apparently this plant is very hardy because I have never watered it or fertilized it or spoke lovingly to it and it still comes back every year in spite of the lack of attention it gets.

sunflower (1024x765)

The plant with the yellow blooms is a swamp sunflower.   

Muhly grass (1024x765)

I considered purchasing this pink muhly grass but I wasn’t sure where to plant it.

white bush (1024x765)

The master gardener wheeled out these plants with white blooms just as I was leaving the sale so I failed to get the name of them.

hairy wicky (1024x765)

The name of this plant cracked me up so I had to take a picture of it.     Anyone got a hairy-wicky in their yard?   You can click on the picture for a close up.

birdhouse (1024x765)

In conclusion I wanted to share with you the morning glories and hummingbird vine  blooming all around the birdhouse  in my back yard.     Often I see a hummingbird perched on the top of the birdhouse but haven’t been able to get a picture of him.   He must be camera shy.

P tree 2 (765x1024)

To the left of the birdhouse is my persimmon tree.     It is loaded with persimmons, so much so that the branches are almost touching the ground.

Have a glorious week!     See ya next time.


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Linda Makiej said...

so beautiful!!!

Linda said...

Very petty! I love gardening in the Fall almost as much as the Spring...we have such mild temps here that it's just different things blooming!

Jilly said...

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