Monday, October 31, 2011

Farewell Harvest Gold

After 20 years of living with a harvest gold bathroom, I am happy to report that the gold tub and tile is finally gone!   My hubby began the demolition  this past weekend.  

Here it is in all its golden glory.

And here it is in the trash….where it should have been years ago.

It looks better already.     I asked my hubby if he absolutely had to cut that hole in the wall and he insisted he did.   He never passes up an opportunity to cut holes in walls.

The new tub is installed but it is not quite ready for bath time so for now my hubby and I are sharing a bathroom with our teenage son.     Fun times.

Only one piece of harvest gold is left in the house….the golden throne…and it won’t be here much longer!

Thanks for visiting and come back soon to see the progress as we continue our quest to eliminate the harvest gold.

Have a great week…hard to believe that November is here!


I am linking to Linda’s Nifty Thrifty Tuesday @  Coastal Charm.


Designing Lady Jane said...

Yay, Marlee! It's so funny to see homes with gold or blue or- wow - pink baths. My hubby and I need to tear out our cracked 80s fiberglass tub and replace it, am not looking forward to that job. From what we hear, it seems we're gonna have to remove a few inches of wall as well. Kudos to your hubby and you!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Just when harvest gold is coming back into vogue! lol Well, I don't think we'll ever see bath fixtures in colors again do you? I bet you will have an amazing transformation!