Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gestalt Gardener

When I think of gardening, I usually associate it with planting a plot of ground. Felder Rushing, a colorful personality who lives in the same town I do, has planted a garden in the back of his truck. I got lucky and spotted it the other day so I snapped a couple of pictures.

Felder, a horticulturist and “dirt” gardener, is host of a popular MPB radio show The Gestalt Gardener and is famous partly for his eccentric garden at his home (to which this comment on his website might apply: “I do care what the neighbors think … it just doesn’t matter!”) He is the author of quite a few gardening books and also writes a weekly column in our local newspaper.

photo (1024x765)

The edges of the truck bed are Mississippi license plates held in place by beer tops.    Love all the bottle trees and bottles in the back.

photo (2) (1024x765)

Check out the rack legs on the cute little frog with the pink bow in her hair.

Have you ever planted a garden in an unorthodox location?

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The Little Red Shop said...

That's cool. One of my earliest garden memories is of an old work boot sitting on our neighbors' back railing…spilling over with succulents.

: )

Julie M.

Karen said...

That's neat!

Diana said...

I've talked to Felder Rushing a number of times on his trips here to Memphis -- shared tales of my bottle tree, and line drying in our "upscale" suburb of Germantown. His columns used to be carried in our newspaper here. I think he has groupies here.

Love his stuff, and love his book "Passalong Plants".

Linda said...

Pretty cool!!