Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet Blooms

The perennial hibiscus bush we planted last year has begun blooming and is putting on quite a show.    When we saw this plant at a local nursery, we had to have it because of the light blush color and the dark pink center.    The blooms are 8 to 10 inches in size and only last one day.    However, the plant blooms daily during the hot  summer months.



Our magnolia tree is blooming also.   I am from Mississippi which is known as the Magnolia state.  The magnolia is our state flower and state tree.    The flowers have a spectacular sweet fragrance that is hard for me to describe.   I often use the leaves of the magnolia in arrangements.



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Indrani said...

I can imagine the scent.
Beautiful pictures.

Sylvia said...

My daughter has several Magnolia trees on her property, I love them but I don't have luck getting them to grow. Love yours.

Light and Voices said...

We have a saucer Magnolia growing in our front yard. However, I would say the south has us beat. No where on earth does the Magnolia trees grow so tall and have that sweet scent. Love your photos.
JM Illinois

Carrie said...

Stunning! I didn't realize the Hibiscus bloom only lasts for a single day; good thing you get a daily show! One of these days, I'm going to buy a magnolia tree.