Monday, June 17, 2013

Where’s my Seat?

In need of a project (who am I kidding…I am addicted to yard sales), I headed out in the humidity on Saturday morning to see what thrifty treasures I could find.

This charming little cabinet with rope trim stole my heart when I came upon it.   The door opens to reveal a shelf.   With skillful negotiating I scored it for $8.    After cleaning it up  and giving it a little bit of TLC, it may become my nightstand.


Who can pass up two chairs for $1.00 apiece?   Not me.


Now I need to decide how I want to transform them whether it be painting them white or staining them a little darker or ???    I guess when I find a fabric I like for the seat (oh wait, there isn’t one) inspiration will come.

What would you would do with these chairs if they were yours?   I refuse to ask my husband that question because he would probably answer “put them in the trash”.

Thanks for popping in.   Hope to see you again soon.


The projects and I will be partying with Linda at Coastal Charm.   Please join us.    So much creativity there!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Cute little cabinet and those chairs were a steal. Spray paint and cover the seats in a fresh updated fabric.


Krista said...

Great chair find! I love bamboo! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

What a cool cabinet! Love that shape and the door! I just got some rattan chairs (the kind that twirl) out of the trash today and I too have a chair project (among others) on my hands. I'll have to check back and see how your turn out!

Brittany Ruth said...

Thats funny because I actually have those a set of four of those same exact chairs. They aren't in great condition but I got them for free! Im still deciding what color I should paint them and what to do with the seating! Interested to see what you will do. Followed you on Bloglovin and GFC.

-Brittany Ruth

Lizzi's Creations said...

I cannot believe you got those chairs for $1.00 each. There are so many possibilities! My hubby would say to throw them out too. He recently threw out a stained vanity bench I found and I had to dig it out of the trash. I reupholstered the cushion and he could not believe it was the same bench. Can't wait to see how your chairs turn out.