Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morning to Sunset

Morning glories, silos, and sunsets.    What do these three have in common?   Nothing really other than I took pictures of each of them all on the same day.

The day started out with the morning glories putting on quite a show.

MG2 4Color


Then while on a ride in the country, intrigued by this silo I stopped to get a closer look.   Don’t you think the  top resembles a bottle cap?


Off to the left was a barn like structure that wasn’t visible from the street.


Even more shocking was finding a farm house being consumed by its surroundings.


From what I could see it appears to be in good shape.    I can’t imagine why someone would abandon this precious home.  It has a screened in porch for gosh sake!


Fast forward to the evening where the vivid colors of the breathtaking sky were being encroached upon by dark clouds.


Before I could cross the street to get a picture without wires in it, the blazing colors were extinguished and became more muted in their tones.


Thanks for spending the day with me.    It is always a pleasure to have you here.


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Anonymous said...

sky photos are awesome and lots of green life in your others ~ thanks ^_^

Sylvia said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us. I love to see old farms with barns and homes when traveling. If they are empty, it is a little sad.
Yes, the top of the silo does look like a bottle cap.

LV said...

Nice variety of interesting sights.

Pam Dearmond said...

I love your blog and wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. For more information on what this is just follow the link below. :) Congratulations!
Pam Dearmond