Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my hubby is on a work assignment in Thailand.    He had an opportunity to visit Singapore and sent a few pictures to me.

Wish I were there with him so we could drink coffee at this outdoor coffee shop and watch the people go by.

Is that a Starbucks in the background?   Singaporians must love their coffee as much as we Americans do.    I think I see a Wendys in that picture also.

Love how the trees are reflected in the windows of the Armani building.     I asked my hubby if he was bringing me back a happy from  Armani and he assured me he was not.

Now on to the beautiful tropical plants.   I searched online and think I have identified this one as a helliconia.  The description said the nectar is deep in the petals making it possible for only specialized birds such as hummingbirds to feed on it.

There are thousands of different species and hybrids of orchids in Singapore.

While I never found a picture of this exact plant online, it looks similar to a bromeliad.    Did you know that bromeliads are related to pineapples?

No luck in identifying this tree.

Thank you for strolling through the streets of Singapore with me.   Hope to see you next week!


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