Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What’s Blooming This Week?

It’s certainly not the azaleas.    They are way past their prime here.    The weeds are in full bloom though.


This Kalanchoe bloomed all winter long in the greenhouse.   Don’t let the gnomes peeking through the blooms scare you.    They are harmless.


These flowers were blooming in front of a local restaurant.   I am having one of those CRS moments (can’t remember stuff) so their name escapes me as I type this.    It is right on the tip of my tongue.   I hate it when that happens!

Fly Creek

The oleanders in my yard are beginning to bloom.


In closing, I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures I took at work today.     I couldn’t keep my eyes off these three baby squirrels who were having a good ole time playing on the tree right outside my office.     The picture was taken through glass so it is not a good quality.


If you click to enlarge the picture below, you can see two of the squirrels on top of the knot on the tree and the third one is coming out of a hole right below the knot.    I believe they are nesting inside the tree because I saw the mom moving stuff in and hoarding nuts this winter.


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Kate said...

I love the outdoors! All the colors and the creatures!

Sandy said...

snapdragons.. I have them blooming all around my yard....lol
Very nice photos

Eileen said...

I love your flower pics and the squirrels are so cute.
Thanks for sharing.