Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kid Goes to College, I Go Shopping

There were zero garage sales in my neighborhood this weekend.     Not a one to be found.   No problemo though because I was busy getting my son ready and then moving him into his dorm at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) for his freshman year (sigh).    It was hard leaving him there.   But he is happy and very excited about starting this new chapter in his life, so I consider myself blessed.

As a result of the move, I didn’t get to shop much.     But you never know where you are going to find something you can’t live without.    We stopped at a gas station on our way home, and I found this cute little amber wasp trap for $6.00.     It had that beehive shape that I have developed a fondness for, so I had to have it.    I probably won’t use it to trap wasps but it is nice to know that I have the capability to do so.    It is a lot more stylish and less stinky than a can of wasp spray.

Today I went to JC Penny because I had a $10.00 gift coupon they sent me and I wanted to use it before it expired.      I went with the intention of buying a dress on sale or a piece of jewelry (I was not going to leave that store without using the coupon), but ended up with this instead.

Another mirror, just what I needed.    I love mirrors and couldn’t resist the arched shape of this one and the metal work.    The best part is that it was on clearance for $11.99 (originally $39.99) and I had the $10.00 coupon so it cost me a total of $1.99.

I have placed it above this shelf for now, but may move it if I find a better spot for it.     It won’t be long before I replace those fake flowers with my fall decor.

That is the extent of my thrifty purchases this weekend, but I wanted to end this post with a picture of my weekend visitors.

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Hope your son has a great first year in college!!! I had that $10 coupon too...used mine for a new wallet for Mr.CC (since his got stolen). Your mirror was a real it!!!


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Terrell said...

WOOHOO! That is a great looks amazing! Thank you for linking it up at Frou Frou Decor and I hope you come back each week and join in the fun!! Have a great day!
~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

Jennifer said...

Great deals!!! I need to use my coupon too!

Thrifty Chic said...

I had that coupon too (actually got sent two of them). So I bought my husband a few nice dress shirts for a total of $10.00. I love your thrifty finds!