Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birdseed Buffet

As I recover from back surgery, I often find myself on the sun porch watching the playful antics of the birds and squirrels in the yard.   We feed the birds year round and I was delighted to see this group peacefully dining together at our birdseed buffet.


Our first guest attending the all you can eat buffet was this incredibly beautiful indigo bunting.


News of the buffet quickly spread and the bunting was soon joined by a sparrow.


And then another.


When the cardinal flew in, he totally disrupted the tranquility and harmony of the group.   He looks as if he is saying “Excuse me!   Can’t you see I am eating here?   Would you please not take my picture while my mouth is full?”


I wish it was as easy to feed my hungry bunch as it is to feed the birds!

Thanks for visiting and please feed the birds!


The birds and I will be flocking together like birds of a feather with Susan @ A Southern Day Dreamer.



Indrani said...

I liked the shot of sparrow in flight. Great series.

A Creative Harbor said...

What an array of wonderful photos and love your captions ~ Great shots for ODW ^_^

Kathleen said...

We too feed the birds year round. I love to watch them in the garden. I envy you a sun porch to watch your birds from. Hope your back is soon beter. Your photos are lovely. (Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday)