Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Tonight’s post is a hodgepodge of pictures I took over the last few days.  

A neighbor who I don’t know very well invited me over to see her chicken coop  Le Poulet Maison.  The coop was a rusty old shed in its former life.    The “window” on the side is mirrored and reflects her lovely back yard.

Chicken Coop

Love her use of branches as a border around the tree.


Back at the house, this red headed fellow was making a lot of noise.



In contrast, this little fellow was quiet as a mouse as he perched upon a freshly painted rocking chair.   I was beginning to think he was stuck in the paint but he flew away after I took one picture.


A couple of pelicans were hanging out on the concrete under the bridge.  The one on the right is showing off her new pedicure.


Meanwhile the heron thought he was clever by hiding in the tree but he didn’t fool me.


Off he went when he got tired of me taking so many pictures.   He clearly does not like the paparazzi stalking him.


My favorite picture of the week is this one of reflections on the river.  

River Reflections

The water was so still I had a difficult time distinguishing reality from reflection.

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I will be partying at A Southern Day Dreamer and hope you will join me there.



Sophie A. said...

Very warming lovely photos you shared.
The last shot is my favorite, reflection or reality...:)

here is my world: http://awakinginlove.blogspot.ca/2013/05/before-sunrise.html

Indrani said...

It seems like a very lovely day over there.

CailinMarie said...

thank you for your comment. These are lovely - that is a very fancy looking chicken coop!

Ann said...

Wonderful photos. That reflection shot is incredible!