Thursday, May 26, 2011

Terra Cotta Blues

I can’t bear to discard my cracked and broken pots so I have found a spot for them in the yard….a pot graveyard for lack of a better word, where they can live peacefully amongst the weeds.       What do you do with your pots that have outlived their original purpose?

I will be partying with Courtney’s Feathered Nest Friday @ French Country Cottage

French Country Cottage

and Cindy’s Show and Tell Friday @ My Romantic Home

Happy Memorial Day!!



Shanda said...

I keep all my broken pots and other vases too. Love the rustic old look outside. I often plant in half the pots.

Barbara Jean said...

I sort of do the same thing Shanda does, only I lay them on their sides and plant right in front of them. It looks like the plant is growing out of it.

barbara jean

Linda said...

Many years ago a gardener told me to break up old terra cotta pots and put them in the bottom of larger pots for aeration and drainage. Just passing on this tip. Linda